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Smallwares, SS tables

Stainless steel honey dispensers with stainless gates x 2
Aluminum baking pans x 18
Cooking Pots:
stainless steel pots (suitable for induction cookers) x 4
stainless steel pot lids for induction pots x 3
stainless steel pots, handled x 3
pot lids, clear for handled pots x 2
Ingredient Scoops:
large, aluminum x 8
medium, aluminum x 4
small, aluminum x 10
cookie sheets x 2
cooling rack
3 tiered sifter
stainless steel bowls (large) x 5
stainless steel bowl (medium)
stainless steel bowl (small) x 2
stainless steel bowl (x-small)
stainless steel bowl (xx-small) - magnetic
measuring cups with handle, plastic x 3
stainless steel bussing tray
XL metal rolling pins x 2
L metal rolling pin
accordion pastry cutter
pizza cutters x 5 + matching replacement blades x 2