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Warehouse equipment & storage


Pallet Racking (multiple units of varying sizes for mezz and 16 foot) 
Manual Forklift - 880 lb capacity, 59" lift 
Manual pallet jack, standard fork 
Extra large floor warehouse fan 
8 foot ladder 
Large barrel tipper 

small red barrel dolley x 10 n/a
large green barrel dolley x 4 n/a
large red barrel dolley with handles x 4 n/a
2 wheeled dolly cart n/a
black barrel rollers x 2 n/a


Carts/Rolling Bins
shelved black rolling trolley cart with additional drawer in box
2 shelf rolling blue cart
2 shelf rolling grey cart
Red roller hanging bins (Uline vinyl 6 bushel basket truck - 30 x 20 x 27") x 8
Roller hanging bins - green, yellow, blue  (Uline vinyl 18 bushel basket truck - 42 x 30 x 37 -  6 total